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How long do golf clubs last? (On Average)

Are you wondering how long your golf club will last? If so, you have come to the right place, as we have information about how long golf clubs typically last.

In general, golf clubs will last from three years to an entire lifetime. If the golf clubs are taken care of and parts are replaced throughout their life, this will increase the chances of the clubs lasting longer. High-quality golf clubs often last longer than cheaper golf clubs.

If you want to know more specifics on how to know when to replace your golf clubs, keep reading. We have the answers you need!

When Do Golf Clubs Need to Be Replaced?

Golf clubs often need to be replaced when there are worn-looking grooves in the club. The grooves on the club are located on the face of the golf club, which affects the spin of the golf ball when it is hit. However, when the grooves become worn down over time, it affects the way the ball will hit negatively.

Any other part of the golf club could be broken and replaced, but when the grooves on the golf club are getting worn down, the golf club is worn enough to think about getting a new golf one.

When to Replace an Iron?

The time when irons need to be replaced depends on the type of golfer. Golfers who play every week are going to have to replace their golf clubs more often than those who play golf once a month or less often.

If the golf iron is starting to look worn out, the worn-out grip or dented shaft can usually be replaced without having to replace the whole golf iron. If there is an excessive amount of wear on the grooves or face, it can be replaced easily.

However, if there is extreme wear and tear on the golf club resulting in chips or scratches on the club face, it is probably time to replace the whole iron itself.

Signs Irons Need to Be Replaced

Poor Performance:

Poor performance happens when you notice that your performance on the golf course isn’t the same as it used to be. This could either be in result of your performance, but oftentimes, it is because the golf iron needs to be replaced.

Changes in Golf swing:

Changes in swing result in changes in swing performance over using golf clubs for a long period of time. These changes can happen because of how long the golf club has been used, and the amount of physical damage on the golf club can help you determine if the golf club needs to be adjusted or replaced. It could also be time to replace your clubs when you change your swing drastically enough you may need to be fitted for another set.

An example of this would be a golfer who learns to hit a draw versus fade and in doing so, realizes that his or her old sticks don’t have the forgiveness that a newer Golf set could deliver.


The technology of the golf club can greatly determine whether the golf club will perform at its best or not. If you are ever struggling to hit a ball in a hole multiple times, it might be because the golf club has developed poor performance. In this case, it is better to replace the whole iron. If the iron is affecting the way you play, that is reason enough to replace it.

Look for these signs to determine whether the golf iron needs to be replaced.

Golf iron care

Cleaning and maintaining your irons after every use will make them last longer. When cleaning, make sure to focus on the grooves of the golf iron for the best results.

To keep your golf irons in tip-top shape, do the following.

  • Clean the club head after playing every time. This will keep the golf club always looking new and fresh.
  • Invest in a nice golf bag to store your golf clubs in. This will make a difference over the next years of its life.
  • Be careful when handling the golf club. Golf clubs can take lots of pressure and hit from golf balls, but they are still fragile enough to have to use them more carefully.
  • Store the golf club properly. Leaving them out on the hard ground unattended can make them wear out faster.

Replace golf driver

Golf drivers shouldn’t be replaced as often as most parts of the golf club. Golf drivers usually last up to three to five years if taken care of properly.

How often the golf driver should be replaced is different for every golfer. If you play every week for months, you will have to replace your golf driver more often than someone who only plays once in a while.

Signs the Golf Driver Need to Be Replaced

Damage that is Clearly Seen

If there is any form of damage that can be clearly seen just by looking at it, this is a sign that a part needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that the driver is one part of the golf club at the very bottom. This part is responsible for how the ball is being shot while you are playing golf.

Lack of Distance

Lack of distance could mean trouble with a bunch of different aspects of the golf club. However, lack of distance is a concern that can result from a broken or old golf driver. If there are any dents or clear malfunctions in the golf driver, it is likely time to replace the driver.

Change in its Swing

A change in your swing can result from a broken or damaged golf driver. Golf drivers can change in shape and size over time with wear and tear. It is important to recognize when the golf driver is becoming too worn and damaged from being used too long. The driver of the golf club is what really matters on the golf club. This piece is crucial to getting the right swing with the ball.

When to Replace golf putter

Change in Speed

A change in speed will affect the distance of the ball in a negative direction when the golf putter needs to be replaced. The material of the golf putter can greatly determine whether the putter needs to be replaced. The golf putter needs to be replaced if the material is incorrect for the golf club or if it is causing the ball to bounce instead of roll.

You may also want to consider a new putter if you have grown over the years or, as much as we don’t want to believe it, as we get older we start to shrink a bit changing our posture. You can see the perfect putter length by height here.

When should you replace your putter - Red Gate Golf

Shots aren’t In-Center

If the ball is being hit but there isn’t much control of the ball, the golf putter may need to be replaced. Golf putters need to be replaced if the ball isn’t being hit correctly in line with the hole the ball is going into.

Overall, if your golf clubs are extremely damaged, they will need to be replaced. However, if only one part of a golf club is damaged, it can likely be replaced.

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