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Putter Length By Height – What size putter do I need?

Finding the right putter size is crucial to striking the ball at just the right shot line and makes a huge positive difference in your overall golfing experience. If you use a putter that’s too long for your height, you’ll have to stand a ways away from the ball or you’ll keep hitting the green; use a putter that’s too short and you’ll wind up with a bad back from crouching so much.

Those who are 5’6″ to 5’9″ tall will need a 33-inch putter, 5’9″ will need a 34-inch putter, and those 6′ to 6’2″ tall will need a 35-inch putter. The perfect putter length will depend on the golfer’s exact height. While most golf clubs range from 32 to 36 inches, custom clubs can be made.

To learn more about what golf club length is perfect for your height, as well as how to measure the best putter height and get one custom-made if needed, keep reading.

Best putter size for your height

To find the best putter size for your height, find your height on this chart. Remember that using your height is a general guideline, and an alternative method of measuring the right putter length will help give you the best putting experience.

Golfer Height Ideal Putter Length
6’5″ or taller 36 inches
6’2″ to 6’4″ 35.5 inches
6′ to 6’2″ 35 inches
5’8″ to 6′ 34.5 inches
5’6″ to 5’8″ 34 inches
5’4″ to 5’6″ 33.5 inches
5’2″ to 5’4″ 33 inches
5’0″ to 5’2″ 32.5 inches
4’11” or shorter 32 inches or smaller/kids’ size

How-to measure yourself 

If you want to have an additional method of measurement to ensure you get the perfect size putter, you can follow this alternative and easy method of measuring yourself. Many golfers prefer using this method of measurement over just basing the putter size on height, as the comfortable position for putting may be different for people of the same height, and thus, the putter height may need to be adjusted.

Best putter length - Red Gate Golf

Imagine that you have a golf ball in front of you and a golf club in your hand and you’re getting ready to hit your first putt of the game. The first thing you’ll want to do is to get into your putting stance position, or the way you would stand just before hitting a putt, with your feet slightly apart. Make sure you’re not crouched too much, as your back should be upright and straight but at a slight angle as you look down.

Now, let go of this imaginary “golf club” and let your hands hang naturally from your body. You’ll need someone’s help with this step. Have the other person measure the height from the floor to the top of your hand or your wrist.

This measurement should be between 32 to 36 inches based on your comfortable posture. You can use this distance between your wrist and the floor to determine the putter shaft length that you will need.

What About Mini-Golf Putters?

The size for mini-golf putters is a bit different than regular golf putters. This is because, in mini-golf, you just need a slight swing to get the ball where it needs to go because the hole is a much shorter distance than on your typical golf course. These putters are specifically designed for putting distances in which the hole is 20 yards or less away from the hole.

Mini-golf putters also have shorter, flat heads as opposed to the longer, curved heads of regular golf putters. Additionally, mini-golf putters are generally a bit heavier than regular golf putters because they need a bit more of a focused and smaller swing, whereas in regular golf, golfers will need to swing the club back further.

Putter fitting - Red Gate Golf

Still, the length of mini-golf putters will vary by the height of the player. They generally range from 24 to 37 inches, but there are very few size options. Oftentimes, when purchasing a mini-golf putter, the size options will be recommended based on age and gender rather than height. You can use the above table to determine a more accurate size of your height, but because mini-golf doesn’t require as much accuracy and swing, you’ll be able to use a putter for your age and gender just fine.

  • Adult men: 37″
  • Adult men and women: 35″
  • Adult women: 32″
  • Junior (age 10-12): 29″
  • Child (age 5-9): 27″
  • Small child (under 5): 24″

Custom golf putter

If your height is quite a few inches shorter than 4’11”, quite a few inches taller than 6’5″, or you simply want a golf putter tailor-made to your body and swinging style, you can get a custom golf putter made. You can also get one made that is ideal for your gender, height, age, skill level or ability, and swing speed. you can even get a custom club made of particular materials.

For custom-fit golf clubs, you’ll simply fill out an online order form based on all these custom specifications, have it delivered right to your door, and you’ll strike that hole-in-one in no time.


In addition to the height differences, you’ll also want to look into the different types and features of putters, which varies on what you may need assistance with.

For example, if you want to improve your hitting position for greater aim at your golf ball, you’ll want to purchase an alignment putter. The most common putter types are listed in the table below with their description of features and what these features help with. You can also specify these particular features when making a custom golf putter order.


Putter type Description
Face-balanced putter For straight-through putting strokes. The square club face points up toward the sky.
Toe-balanced putter For arced putting strokes. Club face toe drops at an angle toward the ground.
Blade putters Narrow and flat head for a greater feel of the ball.
Mallet putters Large rounded head with balanced weight distribution for more consistent performance.
Insert putters Have composite inserts made of softer material inside the club head for a greater feel and a smoother roll.
Perimeter-weighted putters Balanced weight distribution around the edges of the club head. Has a larger sweet spot for greater hit accuracy.
Alignment putters Larger club heads that have painted alignment aids for greater aim.
Counterbalance putter Longer putter, usually used by anchoring to the chest/stomach while putting. Best for stabilizing hands during a stroke.

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