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Golf apparel for ladies

Clothing - Red Gate GolfWhen it comes to golf, there have been questions about what one can wear when golfing, especially in tournaments and other formal scenarios. One is if there are any differences between men’s and women’s golfing attire. In this article, we will focus on the typical golfing attire of women.

What do ladies wear to golf

Women golfers wear polo shirts, golfing shoes, and skorts. Bottoms such as knee-high skirts or pants are also suitable. Accessories such as sun visors, glasses, and hats are optional and acceptable. If they follow the golf course’s dress code, women can wear anything.

As you can see, the women’s golfing attire is much like men’s wear with a few exceptions such as the skirts. As we look further into this topic, we will explore some variety of styles that women golfers can sport and what would be acceptable and unacceptable in formal situations. For casuals, it will be more flexible. Let’s go ahead and learn about women’s golfing attire.

Golf shirt

Let’s talk about the shirts that women typically wear while golfing. A women’s golfer’s shirt should be a collared shirt of some kind. Usually, these collared shirts are polos. Golfing shirts and regular polos are nearly identical to one another, therefore making them often synonymous with one another.

The only real difference between an authentic golfing shirt and a polo shirt is the materials used to manufacturer. Golf shirts are typically made with a cotton-poly mixture to allow for breathability and to wick away sweat as a woman golfs. Regular polo shirts are almost all cotton-based, which makes them slightly more uncomfortable to wear while golfing.

The reason that you should or must wear a dedicated golf shirt or similar item is that some golf courses require you to wear the appropriate outfit in order to play. Some other regulations, such as tucking in your golf shirt, are small but important details that you will have to notice. If you fail to follow all of the rules of the golf course, you won’t be allowed to golf at the said course.

Polo shirt

Women golfers must not only purchase the appropriate golf or polo shirt but must also tuck in their shirts according to the golf course’s rules and regulations. Again, professional and other formal events will most likely enforce these rules and other regulations.

BottomsWoman golf clothing - Red Gate Golf

Pants – Skirt – Slacks

When it comes to the bottom attire of a women golfer’s outfit, there are a variety of options and styles to choose from. For one, women golfers are allowed to choose from a plethora of bottoms such as skorts, pants, and regular shorts. When the woman wants to wear pants, slacks with a belt loop are approved, while those with an elastic strap, for example, are not. Slacks must also be accompanied by a belt, and the belt that women golfers wear should not be in a flashy color. Black and nude belts are safe belt options.


For skorts and any other skirt-based attire, the length must be within the regulated skirt length according to the golf course rules.

These clothing options allow women to stay comfortable during any type of weather while golfing hot or cold.

Golf shoes

Finally, at the bottom of the basic women’s golfing attire are their shoes. The golfing shoes that a typical women golfer will wear have spikes or are spikeless. Metal spikes are not allowed on nearly all golf courses. As with any other athletic shoes, women’s golf shoes must be comfortable and durable to withstand the terrain and elements they may encounter.

Any other shoes that one may bring may not be accepted unless they are golf shoes, just like with all other major parts of the golfing attire.


For the accessories of a woman’s golfing attire, these aspects of clothing are not required nor heavily restricted by the golf courses, therefore allowing the women playing more freedom to personalize themselves through accessories. Accessories such as a hat are often worn, as hats block the sun from people’s eyes.

With hats, having one that is comfortable and able to effectively operate in both rain and sun is the best route. You may need to buy one hat to wear in the sun and another to wear in the rain just in case the hat that you buy cannot be worn in both types of weather. A standard baseball hat or a golf visor cap are perfect headgear options for women golfers.

Another accessory one might take advantage of during hot and bright days are sunglasses. These can be any sunglasses that will fit the women golfer’s needs.

Golf bracelets are popular among female golfers, but they are relatively impractical. Even if the golf bracelet fits a woman’s wrist really well, there is always a risk that it will fly off of the wearer’s wrist during a swing of a golf club. It is hard to find golf bracelets after they have been lost.

An accessory that is common for women golfers, or any golfer for that matter, is gloves. Though not required, gloves can help reduce sweat from the hands and improve the grip of golfers on their golf clubs.

Casual wear

Golf clothing woman - Red Gate Golf

Women’s golf apparel

To conclude, we will briefly discuss when it is ok for women golfers to detract from the standard golfing attire.

The only time they are allowed to wear anything that isn’t heavily restricted by the golf course is if the course itself is a private or local municipal golf course. Anything is fair game with these types of golf courses.

Overall, you will see women golfers wearing traditional golfing attire with golfing/polo shirts, slacks or short skirts, and golf shoes. Any other accessories such as gloves, sunglasses, or hats are acceptable and will not penalize the women golfer. Any other clothing that isn’t golfing-related will depend on the type of golf course and its clothing rules.

Something to take into consideration when considering what you should wear while golfing is the weather. Make sure to dress in a way that will ensure you are comfortable while golfing, as you don’t want to be hot or cold while spending hours at a time at the golf course. You want to wear clothing to improve your game and help your Golf handicap. If an article of clothing impedes your swing, look to replace it.

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